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Emerald Coast Breeders


Barbara's StandardPoodles

Find well-socialized puppies at Emerald Coast Breeders in Lillian, Alabama and Silverhill Alabama Find out more about our puppies here.

Whether you want a hunting dog or a friendly companion at home, you can surely find a furry friend from our litter. Browse through our gallery to get a clearer picture of our adorable standard poodles.

We place our puppies when they are 8-9 weeks old and are totally weaned from their Mom. We introduce the pups to dry food at about four weeks. The pups will be fully vaccinated and dew claws removed before they join your family. We also provide a one-year health guarantee on all puppies. If you are unhappy with your new pup for any reason, you are not allowed to sell your puppy or take it to a shelter, but instead, must return him or her to Emerald Coast Breeders.

Emerald Coast Breeders has chosen NOT to dock the tails of the pups. Our dogs are companions and family pets, not particularly show dogs. Worldwide, in every country other than the U.S., they stopped docking tails over 10 years ago. We adhere to a more natural non-altering look. We love their long tails.

We provide a small bag of their dry food so that you are able to properly mix with your own brand of food in order to prevent stomach upset.

All our puppies are born with Barbara sitting in the whelping pool as they are born. Chris is sitting outside the pool. With a towel to dry them as much as we can, before Mamma gets upset and wants them back.. Our babies have hands on from birth until they leave for their forever home.

They are never kenneled. They are raised in our home. We socialize our babies with other dogs and with family and friends. 

Some of our puppies become service dogs.

Lola and Tucker pu[pies are here!


Pretty Lola  

Lola is very sweet. This is her second litter. She is a great mother

She loves to play ball. She likes to play tag with her pack. She is on the small size for Standards. But has a large personality. ​

Tucker our goofy boy.

Tucker is very sweet and protective dog. He is our couch potato.

He has a goofy side to him. He is one of the best dog. I have ever had.

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If interested please contact Barbara. His price $1100. 


He is a male. Black with white markings. He is going to be a big boy.


Colby is Lola and Tucker's baby. Born Oct.25,2021. At birth he weighed 13.2 oz. Which is a big baby. 


Born Oct. 25,2021 Solid black female


Born Oct.25,2021 Black female with white markings


Lola nad Tuckers baby $1100 Sale Pending


Born Oct. 25,2021 Solid Black male


Lola and Tucker's baby $1200 Sale Pending​


Born Oct.25,2021 Black male with white markings


Lola and Tucker's baby  $1100  Sale Pending

Lola and puppies

Lola with her puppies. A couple hours after birth. Lola is a great mother. She had 5 babies this time around. All healthy and happy puppies.


Born Oct. 25,2021


Lola and puppies


Lola sleeping after giving birth.  To 5 healthy babies. 

Zoey and Lola 

Zoey is all the puppies second Mom.  She runs to them if she hears them squeak. Zoey really tries and help all the new moms. It is great to watch. I have a true pack. All the females will run to the babies if they hear them cry.  I hope you enjoy the new pics. 

Zoey, Lola and puppies

Zoey laying with Lola while puppies nurse.